Our Story

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Rebecca and Stefanie’s story starts 10 years ago at the gym during a post-workout cooldown. Their competitive athletic spirit made them fast friends. Their shared interests only continued to grow as the two bonded over their love of travel, and their desire to work with and understand individuals from varying social and cultural backgrounds. When the two met, Stefanie was working in a PT clinic and Rebecca was establishing her care management company, Whitmire & Associates. Rebecca has always been known as an outgoing recruit-anywhere type of gal, so it seemed only right that she acted when she learned about Stefanie’s interests and passions that day after class. Soon enough, Stefanie began working part-time at W&A supporting clients. Fast-forward 10 years later, and Stefanie has committed her life to support services alongside Rebecca.  With their shared passion for human development, they decided to team to create redpoint- providing young adults with the essential support and skills needed to adult. Ultimately, redpoint hopes to maximize client’s ability to thrive in a holistic way. Simply put, Stefanie and Rebecca heart humans and want to do what they can to inspire real change in each individual who walks through their door. redpoint is a product of their joint passion for young adult coaching and services.

It is an honor to be trusted by young adults during their challenges. Witnessing vulnerability, moving forward together and then watching someone launch is why we do what we do. We have the best job. Ever.
— Stefanie & Rebecca