What is your role with your adult child?

Be yourself! That is the most important role that nobody else can do Your child needs you to be a parent.

Remember that it is essential for you to grow and change in order for your child to launch into adulthood.


Does this sound familiar?

>  I’m exhausted. I’m stressed. I’m overwhelmed.

>  I’ve tried everything. They have been to the best doctors, best therapists, best programs, etc.

>  I’m tired of nagging them to help around the house or get a job.

>  I want my child to find happiness.

>  I bought them a condo so I wouldn’t have to worry if something happened to us, but now they don’t leave home.

>  I want my child to be independent of me/us.

>  What if something were to happen to me/us?


Compassion fatigue is real.