These are a few of the stories that inspire us to come to work everyday. 


Mother of two college students

"I can’t recommend the services of redpoint highly enough. They have helped two young members of my family achieve success that was eluding them for completely different reasons..."  


Master of his budget

"I was bad with money before my brain injury and then my brain injury made it 100x worse. I couldn’t keep track of my money and spent too much. Then I found redpoint..."


From homeless to hopeful

"redpoint/Whitmire & Associates saved my life. When I began using their services I was homeless and suffering with a severe addiction..."


Strengthening our community one person at a time.

“Upon reaching Seattle, I was introduced to an organization that has been critical to my recovery from mental illness and addiction. Redpoint has also helped me to navigate the uncertain world of government benefits and programs, none of which I would have been able to manage on my own.

I have progressed from having poor self-care, PTSD, and other ailments. Redpoint was present in a supportive role, and I have gotten very close to the case workers who sacrificed their time and energy to get me to a better place.

Now, I am financially self-supportive, have a job that I love, live in a housing situation that is wonderful to my recovery, and am taking on a position of mentorship to people in need. Redpoint continues to be my go-to for problems concerning benefits and government sponsored programs. It is a pleasure to work with them. The ultimate goal is to put me on my feet and help me to learn how to take charge of my life. I am miles above where I used to be before enlisting their services.”
— Client
“I’ve known Ms. Whitmire for about a decade now. Since then she has shown nothing but compassion and support for me. She holds high hopes that one day I will do great things even though I am blind to it at times. Her staff are incredibly invested in helping their clients succeed. Without their assistance my life would be in shambles. I owe a great amount of gratitude to Ms. Whitmire and her staff. They helped save my life.”
— Client
“Before I started working with redpoint, I had been working through issues with my Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression on-and-off for around two years. My struggles had prevented me from being a reliable student, and my GPA had suffered. I stopped being able to take classes full-time, and then even part-time. During this time, I was attending therapy regularly which did help, but I had started to feel like even that wasn’t doing enough for me anymore. I wasn’t sure how or when I would finish my bachelor’s degree.
Working with redpoint has benefited me in a number of ways, besides replacing ‘traditional’ therapy. I have been able to attend classes again and have been receiving grades that are higher than they have been in about a year and a half. I am more confident in myself and my abilities, and I have been able to balance not only my university courses but a new part-time job in an industry I’ve always wanted to work in. I now feel that I am more prepared to finish my bachelor’s degree, and more importantly, for making a plan for myself after I graduate. I no longer feel as anxious about my coursework, or about many of the personal relationships in my life.

I feel that I am a more responsible, well-rounded, hardworking, and accountable person.”
— Client
“Working with redpoint has extremely changed my life. They have helped me with employment, volunteering, finances, and building a schedule to name a few. I enjoy my time with them and look forward to my weekly meetings.
Seeking employment with redpoint is a collaborative process. They bring onboard job coaches as well as reach out to employers (if it is deemed helpful). They helped me build an excellent resume which resulted in me securing two different volunteering jobs – which not only added to my resume, but it gave me confidence and enriched my life. I hadn’t worked for a long time, and with redpoint’s support, I was able to enter back into the work force.  Meg has helped me to create a budget - instead of overspending, I now spend within my budget and have some left over for fun things!  Before redpoint I didn’t really have a schedule. I was very anxious and didn’t have any type of structure in my life. With Meg and Stefanie’s support, I have created a daily schedule and now I can accomplish a lot of what I want to do. 

It is very liberating to have activities to do which push me closer to my goals.  Thank you, redpoint!!!”
— Client
“I appreciate that Veronica listens to me and pulls out the highlights. She has the ability to assist me to make plans and back-up plans which really helps me. I appreciate that she keeps each plan balanced and productive.”
— Client