Our mission is to provide individuals with the skills, confidence, and support needed to anchor their goals and reach self-reliance.

redpoint fulfills its mission by providing client-centered approaches that address each individual’s needs. We serve our clients with compassion and optimism, working alongside them as they trudge up the arduous mountain of adulthood. Ultimately, redpoint strives to equip clients with a tool belt of empowerment that they can harness to any mountain to reach the peak of success and self-reliance.


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What is redpoint?

You may be asking yourself, what does redpoint mean and how is it relevant to our mission?

Redpointing is a mountain climbing term that refers to climbing a route after having an unsuccessful first attempt. To redpoint a route means to attempt the challenge again, but this time with familiarity of the path and with support along the way. It is the act of trying again until success is reached, which is precisely how it is relevant to our company. Our goal is to facilitate the path, tools and support, the client then uses those resources to break down conflicting barriers and ascend into lasting change. redpoint inspires clients to take the alternate path in designing their lives and dealing with their current challenges head on. Our company illustration represents a map of life in which the terrain is a combination of successes and challenges. We are here to assist you in redpointing those challenges and ascending your route victoriously.