You may wonder – what is redpoint? redpoint partners with young adults to develop strategies to self-reliance. Simply put, redpoint helps new adults with the act of “adulting.” Yes, “adulting,” the process of doing adult-like things, like paying your bills! redpoint meets clients where they are in their lives. We work to build a rapport, inspire real change and assist in transforming complex challenges into attainable objectives.  We are ready to partner with you, whether that means figuring out how to get to work on time, actually reading your syllabus, getting to that second date, or not overdrafting your account (again!). 

We are here to create an action plan that is aligned with your dreams.

Transitioning into adulthood requires time, energy, and focused planning. These transitions can lead to avoidance- ever heard of it?!- to get to the things that matter most. Avoiding your challenges only creates a huge boulder blocking your path to success. Let us help you get out of your own way. We are here to support whatever difficult or confusing transitions life throws your way and see that you keep your promise to yourself to succeed. Our team strives to understand your challenges and work through individualized care and support to get you where you need to be. Here at redpoint, we proudly teach you to catch your excuses, reasons, and justifications to transform your daunting obstacles into fun and do-able tasks. Get honest about your current reality, learn how to reach your goals, and keep that promise to yourself to thrive. Our clients develop a belt for change and gain skills. 

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